21 Scary Facts That Are Terrifying

Best Scary Facts

Get here the list of some scary facts. 21 Scary Facts 1. A chicken named Mike lived for 8 weeks after his head was cut off. 2. A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated. 3. … Read more

21 WTF Facts You Must Know

Best WTF Facts

Get here the list of some WTF Facts you should know. 21 WTF Facts 1. A reindeer lived on board the submarine HMS Trident for 6 weeks, she was a present from the Russians and slept under the captain’s bunk. … Read more

21 Hazel Eyes Facts And Theories

Hazel Eyes Facts

Hazel eyes are usually a combination of brown, green, and gold, although they can appear to look like any of those colors at a distance. Get here some hazel eyes facts. 21 Hazel Eyes Facts 1. 75% of hazel eyes have … Read more

21 Useless Facts

Useless Facts for fun

Get here the list of 21 useless facts that will help you to find some fun in your free time. Useful facts are more helpful for mind relaxation. 21 Useless Facts 1. A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. 2. … Read more

21 Best Psychology Facts

Best Psychology Facts

Get here the 21 best psychology facts that will help you to know the psychology of your own life. Best Psychology Facts 1. An average individual’s mind wanders 30% of the time. 2. An individual still has 7 minutes of … Read more