Top 21 Math Pick Up Lines

If you are a math lover, then here is the list of the best math pick up lines.

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21 Best Math Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a rectangle? Because you have all the right angles

2. Are you a scale factor? Because you’re creating an enlargement. 

3. Are you an angle? Because I think you’re really acute

4. Are you half of 20? Because you’re a perfect 10.

5. Are you the number 9? Because I’m meant to eat 3 squared meals a day

6. Are you the sum of your divisions? Because you’re perfect

7. As a mathematician, I can say you have a significant figure.

8. As a statistician, I can see me having a significant effect on you.

9. I don’t care about maths, but I care about your number.

10. I would love to divide your legs so we could multiply

11. I’m a 30-60-90 triangle and you’re a 40-40-90 triangle – we’re just right for each other.

12. I’m like pi because I can’t be rational around you.

13. Let’s not be like parallel lines and meet as soon as possible.

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14. Life without you would be like an obtuse triangle – not right. 

15. My love for you is true for all values of the variable – unconditional. 

16. Not dating me would be like the square root of minus 2 – irrational.

17. Since you like addition, you should add me to your contacts.

18. Since you’re so good at maths, can you replace my ex?

19. We’re like co-ordinates on an axis – we fit right together.

20. You must be multiplying out my brackets because you’re making me expand.

21. You’re the numerator and I’m the denominator –  when I’m with you, I’m reduced to my simplest form.

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