21 Minecraft Trivia Questions

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. Get here 21 Minecraft Trivia Questions.

Minecraft Trivia Questions

Q1. What is the most famous evil mob in Minecraft?

Answer: Of course creeper! This character is iconic in Minecraft and will hiss at you before flying next to you.

Q2. What are the Endermen afraid of?

Answer: Endermen do not like water and will avoid it. If they keep getting wet they will die.

Q3. How do you make a double chest?

Answer: You make two chests and put them together. They will join together and turn into a double chest.

Q4. The Citadel is the only place you can find the portal to reach the final dimension. But how do you find a stronghold?

Answer: This can be difficult because strongholds are located deep underground and they are rare. You can find them using Ender’s Eyes. Throw these in the air and they will float in the direction of the nearest stronghold. When the eye of the end falls to the ground instead of floating you are on top of the citadel and all you need to do is dig.

Q5. How do you make a bed?

Answer: You need three blocks of wool and three planks of wood. Or, if you are near a village you can steal from the villagers!

Q6. What is the worst type of sword to fight?

Answer: a wooden sword. They deal minimal damage and do not last very long.

Q7. What kind of equipment do you need to be able to mine diamonds?

Answer: You need at least one iron pickaxe. If you use a wooden or stone ax the diamond ore block will be broken and the diamonds will be lost.

Q8. What is the first thing you should do when starting a new world of Minecraft?

Answer: A Tree Punch! Wood is the first resource you need and it allows you to make tools to advance the game.

Q9. What is the name of the only hostile flying monster in Minecraft?

Answer: Phantom. If you forget to sleep for a few days, they spread in the air at night.

Q10. While we are on the topic of creepers. Do you know which creature the creeper is afraid of?

Answer: Cats and Ocelots! Creepers will run away if there is a cat nearby.

Q11. How do you reach the last dimension?

Answer: You need to find an end portal and publish it. These are located in the strongholds and you need the eyes of the end to activate the portal.

Q12. Where can I get mesmerizing books?

Answer: You can get enchanted books from the loot vault or trade them with librarian villagers.

Q13. What equipment do you need to collect stone and ore?

Answer: Prick. You can make them out of wood, iron, gold, diamond, or nephrite. However, not all pickaxes will work for all types of materials.

Q14. What material do you need if you want to make an automatic machine and form?

Answer: Red Rock.

Q15. What are the best materials you can find in Minecraft to make tools and armor?

Answer: the Netherlands is the best and available since The Netherlands Update in 2020.

Q16. What kind of food do cows and sheep eat?

Answer: Wheat that you can cultivate by planting seeds.

Q17. Do you know how many versions of Minecraft there are?

Answer: There are two versions. The Java version can only be run on a PC and the Bedrock version can be run on consoles, PCs, and phones. The phone version is sometimes called the ‘pocket version’.

Q18. Where can you find the drowned crowd?

Answer: in deep water. You usually find them in deep oceans but you can also find them underground. You can even turn a zombie into a drowning corpse by submerging it in the water!

Q19. How many alternate dimensions can you travel to as well as the overworld?

Answer: Bottom which is a world full of lava and scary monsters and the end which is a barren dimension with too many islands and falls into the void for too long.

Q20. What terrifying creature awaits you when you first visit The End?

Answer: Ender Dragon. You have to kill the dragon to reach the end.

Q21. What important item falls when you kill the creeper?

Answer: The ammo you need to make fireworks, TNT, and potions.

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